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Rude message from Outlook 2003?
You sent an email and asked the recipient for a read confirmation but got a reply telling you your message was deleted unread! Well, more than likely the message came from Outlook without the recipient’s knowledge. Apparently this is due to a problem with the Auto Archive setting in the recipient’s Outlook 2003.Here is an explanation from Microsoft:
“You receive an e-mail message that requests that a read receipt be sent to the sender when the message is read. If the archive feature in Outlook 2003 is run when the Archive all folders according to their AutoArchive settings option is enabled, the unread message is permanently deleted. Additionally, the sender of the message receives a nonread notification that is similar to the following message:
To: E-mail_address
Subject: Subject_text

Your message was deleted without being read on date time.”

For a fuller explanation see :
To get the hot fix to resolve this go to Office update site:

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