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Small Business Solutions

As almost all our clients are small to medium sized businesses we have paid special attention to finding computer and network solutions particularly suited to the needs of these clients. Luckily major vendors like Microsoft (with its Windows based systems) and Novell (with its well established Netware and more recent Linux Open Source offerings) together with a range of hardware manufacturers have recognized the potential of small and medium sized enterprises. The comprehensive suites of small business products from Microsoft, Novell and a range of affordable high quality hardware platforms from major computer manufacturers has placed some extremely sophisticated and complex products well within reach of even the smallest enterprises.

At BCS Computer Solutions Ltd we have made it our essential business to get to know these products intimately. With the easy availability of these great products combined with our long and varied experience with computers and network systems you will be able to unleash the awesome power of these systems to truly enhance your business objectives.

Call us and let us show you how we can help your business>>

Novell Small Business Suite 6.6

Microsoft Small Business Suite 2003

Novell Linux Small Business Suite


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