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BCS Computer Solutions Limited
BCS Computer Solutions Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company providing Information Technology solutions and support to businesses. Established in February 1992 by its present director and principal systems consultant, Ratan Prakash, BCS became an incorporated company in April 1998. Prior to starting his own business Ratan spent eleven years working in the health services in Wellington where he was involved in establishing and supporting a range of computer based services management systems, including New Zealandís first Mental Health Patient Management System.

Company Pledge
BCS Computer Solutions will continue to be a service based company built on solid professional ethics and staffed by qualified personnel. We will strive to achieve and maintain excellence in every aspect of our business activity. Each of us will exercise a personal commitment to ensure that our clients receive our best efforts at all times.

Quality Control
The management and staff of BCS Computer Solutions are committed to achieving excellence in all that we do. We believe that the principle objective in enhancing quality control is to provide the best quality of service to our customers and to this end we welcome any comments or criticisms from our customers regarding the quality control, presentation or documentation of our services. The company has a policy of fostering ongoing professional development of our staff, all of whom are encouraged to attend appropriate training courses and actively contribute to the growth and development of the Company.

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